Those Fluttering Butterflies

Butterflies to me are like the colorful side of our lives when we are not in our darkest of days. When you look at them they are just so beautiful and warm. Just flying about!

Normal is Boring

Do you know what I find so fascinating? Butterflies. When I refer to butterflies I don’t mean the insects, what I’m actually referring to are those movements that turn your stomach completely upside down and inside out. The term ‘butterflies’ says it all as the feeling is exactly like hundreds of little butterflies fluttering around in your stomach.

But why do we get them? Usually we get them when nervousness is involved, however they can also refer to pretty and happy things like love. But what I usually associate butterflies to is change. I have come to realize that humans are really allergic to change. That feeling of your first day of work, the feeling when you go somewhere new completely out of your comfort zone and generally doing things for the first time usually involves butterflies!

It’s funny because a few months back I packed my bags and…

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The Nature of Jewelry

Jewelry can be regarded as a body of objects, emanating from almost every known society since the beginning of culture. Whilst, in my times of creating craft jewelry pieces I’ve come to realize that it is very crucial to many jewelry lovers nowadays.
Jewelry has emerged so vastly that I would say that it is like a “small vehicle” which I think is a very accurate statement. Jewelry is being used for so many different things, such as decorations, social rankings, attachment to the body and signifies redeemable wealth.
Jewelry is becoming so popular that if a female is not wearing some form of jewelry piece they tend to feel less attractive. I also can testify to such thing because I myself have experienced it. The Nature of jewelry has such a strong impact on society that it is being worn on all different places on the body and also for other things.